Thursday, March 15, 2018

Seifuku no Vampiress Lord - 11

I'm not deaadddddd! Things got a little busy IRL combined with a lack of certainty when/if volume 3 was going to be released for this series, hence the delay. However all those problems have been resolved so new chapters are a go go. There's another 5.5 chapters in this volume and I volume 3 will be out in a week or so. Anyway, it's been a while but let's get to the new chapter in the links below:



  1. It's good to see you're still alive, thanks for the chapter!

  2. I missed you, glad you're back. Thanks for the chapter.

  3. Hello, awesome Vexed Scans staff! Floating Sunfish of SunfishScans here, the only group scanlating Mitsudomoe at the moment.

    Not sure if you've seen my work, but I've finished scanlating Volumes 5 to 7 (and a little of Vol. 8 as well) and would like to ask if you and your awesome staff would like to work on Mitsudomoe again.

    Seeing how there are only a few volumes left (the manga having ended just last year), we finally have a target chapter to reach so fans of this awesome series can finally see it in its entirety.

    Let me know if this interests you guys, and we can discuss this further.

    You can reach me at

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Floating Sunfish out!

  4. Thanks!! I need more chapters ToT
    Does anyone know how to buy Volume 3 on Kindle? ToT