Saturday, November 15, 2014

Yandere Kanojo - 66

So much for "Wednesday next week", huh. Obviously I got busy again, however there are several things in progress. The next two chapters of Sengoku Youko are just waiting on typesetting, and the next chapter of Methed is waiting on redraws. I may have to actually find someone else to redraw Methed from now on, but we'll see. Also this time really should be the last big delay in between releases now that work is slowing down. But that's enough blogging from me. You can get more of Reina being best girlfriend with the links below:



  1. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  2. Thanks for the chapter

  3. If you could pick up A Method to make the World Gentle agian that'd be so great! Many people (including me) would really appreciatate it! (Raws up to Chapter 26 are out and there are some big stuff that happens in the raws from when I looked)