Monday, April 28, 2014

Yandere Kanojo - 58

Another chapter of Yandere Kanojo, hot off the presses! We pick up where we left off last chapter, with Tanaka putting his shagadelic moves on Reina taking Reina to see his aunt's grave. In unrelated news, Animexis released c01 of the new Hoozuki series and it looked good after a TL check. Only one minor logic error and a few things I'd have phrased differently, but certainly nothing awful, so go grab that if you haven't yet. For the aforementioned YK however, you'll want to use the links below:



  1. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  2. i knew it......that f*ck up family....

    btw, the diff in age between tanaka and mayami isnt it to short?? ( tanaka is junior and mayami is freshmen )

    with diff father and that crazy thing going on.......

  3. Thanks for the chapter

  4. Many thanks for the release!

  5. I didn't even realise there was a sequel going. Thanks for the heads-up

  6. Thanks for your hard work as usual!

    Also, sorry to be a bother, but do you know what the series is at the top of page 20? It looks kinda interesting