Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Narcissu 1 & 2 Greenlit on Steam

As the title says, Narcissu was ranked #2 on Steam Greenlight until earlier today when it was officially greenlit!

I'm not actually involved in the (re)translation of this or anything, but I wanted to make a post anyway since this is the third visual novel to get greenlit on Steam, and is, in my opinion, a better series than R07's Higurashi, and certainly better than Overdrive's Go! Go! Nippon. The (re)translation and such is still being worked on so I can't say anything regarding the quality of it, but if the dedication of team working on it over at Neechin is any indicator, I think we can expect a well-polished product when it's done.

Hopefully everything will go off without a hitch and we can start seeing some more visual novels (cough cough) make their way over to Steam in the future.


  1. There may not be that many visual novels available in English at the moment, but Saya no Uta alone is nothing short of masterpiece that sets the bar pretty high for anything yet to be released.