Friday, June 21, 2013

Tokage no Ou - 14

Here's some Tokage no Ou for you. I was planning on doing Yandere Kanojo after Methed, but this was ready first, so here we are. You can rest easy though, the next 3 or so releases will all be Yandere Kanojo, because my current plan is to go through the entire arc those chapters cover in one fell swoop.

Also, I kept forgetting to mention it here, and now there's only like 9 hours left until it's over, but if you liked Time of Eve and are interested in the Blu-Ray version (or just some extras, like a fan book, art book, etc.) check out this kickstarter here. Now that I'm done plugging, let's get to those links below:



  1. ...........dafuq

  2. Every now and then I discover myself reading this series thinking I must be a bit insane. But, it can't be helped and always go for more. Thanks a lot!

  3. At first I was ready to drop this series if this chapter make my mind fucked up, and yeah, the last page really make my mind fucked up, but I won't drop it, after I see king fisher in hospital with bandage covering her head

  4. So, is the long prologue finally over?