Friday, April 5, 2013

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy - 4(END)

Here's the conclusion to the BMGGMB series by Amazume Ryuuta (Nana to Kaoru, Toshiue no Hito, etc.). I actually liked it quite a bit, kinda wish he had time to make it into a serialization along with the two Nana to Kaoru series he has running right now. If you liked the series too you can buy the tankobon version of it that comes with all 4 chapters plus his other Change H stuff (My Beloved Senpai, First Morning First Night, etc.). As usual, you can grab the release with the links below:

Mediafire (Chapter 04 only)
Mediafire (Chapters 01-04)


  1. Awesome! I just loved this series!
    Thank you so much for the lovely release!~ :D

  2. I'm the last chapter it says Yuu's parents died and that they are all they have left in their family...but in chapter 1, he clearly says has parents and 2 sisters.

    1. Yeah you kinda just have to roll with it. Either Amazume forgot or the family Yuu mentions in chapter 1 isn't his "real" family (ie. not related to him by blood).

    2. The four chapters came out over a period of several years and the first is quite different in feel to the second so I'd go with "he had a better idea as he went along" as well as "he forgot". The first chapter was meant to be a one-off, after all. I've not seen the raws for the BMGGMB tanko, it's possible he went back and redid some of the dialogue to make it more consistent in book form.

  3. Thanks for completing these chapters :)