Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tokage no Ou - 6

Here's that Tokage chapter I mentioned, nice and quick too to make up for the delays from before. I also translated Prunus Girl 37, which was released on Monday, if that's your thing. I'll also be translating Kiss x Sis for the foreseeable future, as Votex's old TL'er is bust with :life: (aka his job), so look forward to that. Anyway, we're reaching the first climax of the veeeeeeerrry long prologue, so go grab it with the links below:

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  1. Thanks! Was waiting for this one!
    There realy is happening some "WTF is going situation?!" for 6th chapter in a row)))
    Has the translation catched up to ongoing or are there some other raw chapters already?

    1. Chapter 6 is the newest chapter of the manga, although chapter 7 will be out soon. The manga is an adaption of a light novel series by Denpa Onna's author though, (w/ art by Buriki, Haganai's artist) and the light novel currently has 3 volumes out.

      The manga is about halfway through volume 1 right now.

    2. Thanks for info, man. Didn't check the authors out - unexpected turn for the origins to have something to do with Denpa.
      Keep the good work!

  2. Thanks for the chapter !
    The story is going weirder and weirder...

  3. New chapter yay! Kiss x sis yay! Prunus girl, sure. It's different... BUT won't the extra workload mean slower releases? Haven't had any Haganai and idol pretender for a while :'-( o well scanlators gotta help each other out right? Good luck!

  4. thanks for the hard work any where to get other novels?