Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yandere Kanojo (JOKER) - 39

Alrighty, so here's part two of our heros' battle against the forces of skirt flipping. There's not much Hijiri, but the little bit there is was satisfying enough. Also, a service announcement for anyone who buys raws for whatever reason, bk1 is merging with another site, and the way they have their little blurb about overseas shipping worded makes it sound like if you haven't ever bought from them, you won't be able to after the merger.

They're a pretty good store if you've never heard of them, so you may want to consider buying some stuff from them before the merger happens in mid-May. I haven't gotten anything from them in a while, so I actually did go and buy a few tankoubons of Maoyuu (the good one), Man-Ken, and Kamimura Yuuka, at least one of which would likely interest frequent readers of the various series I work on. Anyway, this is reaching actual blogging levels (probably already has) so let's cut the chit-chat and get to the links below:


P.S. - I translated Kiss x Sis 60, which just got released a little while ago.


  1. can I yandere kanojo vexed?

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

    Just downloaded Kiss x Sis as well, so I'm off to read that. ;)

  3. hi there!
    i never do comments on translation, but, 1st page 6th panel 2nd bubble sounded weird to me... i didn't get it! has my English gone down to the drain?! since i'm not an English native speaker i can't tell xD

    1. The "I received a report..." line? It's a bit more business-like and vague way to put something. Basically, the principal is saying he got a report that said someone caused the ex-president to do the things he did (ie. using embezzlement money to buy girls' panties), and that he suspects that that "someone" is Ugajin.

  4. Thanks for the chapter! :D

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