Friday, July 8, 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Novel) - Vol. 2 Ch. 10

I have triumphed over my sunburns, and will be going back out for more 90 degree weather tomorrow. Hopefully I don't feel like throwing up anymore in the morning ;_; Also, I swear I'll make (read: steal) a CSS style sheet so my releases look pretty one of these days. Done, sort of. See the Mixini Reader. Anyway gonna pass out so links below:

Mixini Reader

P.S. - Does anyone wanna make these into PDFs? I think they'd be nice to have, but it's far too much :effort: for me.


  1. Thank you for your hard work.

    I look forward to the new chapter(s)!

  2. Thanks for the new chapter.

  3. Thanks for your work.
    Do you know what's up with the three missing chapters from vol 01? I've been waiting for those for ages.

  4. thank you for the release!

    NullApostle, I think that the manga sums up what happen in the novel.

  5. Well I was bored and tried converting this chapter to PDF, some of the formatting didn't convert over so I had to do some manual changes. Look it over and if its satisfactory I can do the other chapters if you want:

  6. Thanks. :)

    y2kmisty's looks good, but a few things I would change:
    - Have the image/s on its/their own page/s, centred (though if you had a higher resolution version, you could squeeze it to fit the page).
    - Increase the top/bottom margins a bit. Maybe decrease the side-margins a bit.
    - Play with different fonts, try for the most readable one. (What font did you use? Calibri? TNR?)
    - Expand the chapter title to three lines to include:
    [Book Title] [Volume Number]
    written by [Author] and illustrated by [Artist]
    Chapter [Chapter Number] - [Chapter Title]
    - If preferred, add the translation credits.
    - If preferred, have a title+/credits page.

  7. Thank you as always.